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Just a note to say I’m grateful for this blog! 

I was 12 months late to the Merlin party, after which I was very careful not to get into the fandom because, right up to season 5, we were getting our free-to-air eps about 12-6 months after the UK and it was hard enough avoiding spoilers without actively hunting them out.

Now that Merlin is over and I’m free to browse the fandom as I please, I came across this blog and have spent the last 2 weeks trawling through every page and realising just how much I missed out on! In some ways I regret not riding the wave with everyone else because of the events and opportunities I missed, but I also had 5 years of wonderful bonding with my now best friend watching Merlin together through Skype because we live so far away from each other.

I would like to thankyou very much for not only the dedication to the blog, but also your respectful attitude, particularly towards the actors and their private lives. I was extremely disappointed ( but not particularly surprised ) when I found out Bradley had left twitter because of obsessive fans, but I was struck by how many of your posts actively encouraged your readers to be respectful and realistic. I find this extremely refreshing amidst so many narcissistic blogs about how close they got to x, or how y wouldn’t sign something for them even though they’d spent 1000000000 hours staking out their house or something equally extreme.

I also appreciate the variety of characters and relationships featured here, I feel like I have been able to appreciate Merlin and those involved with the show on a broader scale than I would ordinarily have sought out on my own. 

So, if you have read this far along, thankyou very much for all you’ve done with this blog and keep up the good work!

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I’ve decided to revisit the show again myself, and I’d love to hear other followers’ thoughts on why Merlin has been so important for them, and how the show has affected your life. I, personally, met my best friend through Merlin, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. -mod!rose

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hii, about the links and resources updates, is there a new Bradley James fansite -bradleyjamesfan(.)com- the Bradley's off-tumblr fan sites links no longer work :) THANKS for this update!!!! <3

I’m not aware of any off-tumblr new one, though I’m sorry to hear that site no longer works. I’ll add to the list if there is one I’m unaware of!

EDIT: is fully functional, the other two have been removed from the page.

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updated the links page, since it seems like there are new Merlin blogs every day! if any are missing or links are broken/gone, drop me an ask~

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posting might be slow the next few days, as I will be in San Diego until next Monday for SDCC, just a heads-up! And if you’ll be in San Diego, come find me at Booth 4738 (across from Warner Bros!)

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Brolin Week Day 2 Sharing Things
 ↳ music, also life ruining abilities

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Your URL made me want to follow you. So I did :)


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I saw an anon going around some other blogs, rallying support for Colin and I thought I’d take a moment to post the message here as well:

"Colin starts in The Tempest this week. I think it would be great if fans sent him a card of congratulations and wishing him well. They can be sent to Shakespeare’s Globe, 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London, SE1 9DT. But be respectful - this is not the place for Merlin related requests - those go to Colin’s agent. Let’s just celebrate Colin’s success as Ariel."

Let us know if you do send something to him, I know I’d love to see all your letters of support! Let Colin know that we are here for him in all his new endeavors!

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What do you want to see more of on YTV? 

Drop us an ask or reply to this post! 

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you already know what it is, merlin fandom.


In his thank you speech, Colin thanked Rufus Norris - who was his director in Vernon God Little - which he said was his bug break as it was his first professional role. What a complete gentleman is our Colin - to acknowledge someone from his past who set him on the road to success.


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