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Hi-res: Katie McGrath in Irish Independent Weekend (6 April 2013 issue)

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omgfdh I missed the live chat because I had to pick my sister up at the airport but Alex answered my question! :’)


omgfdh I missed the live chat because I had to pick my sister up at the airport but Alex answered my question! :’)

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[MerlinOfficial] Colin Morgan spills the beans on Bradley James

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Merlin: Colin Morgan on Merlin’s Journey, An Extra Episode, and Playing Another Character 


My final question for you is, do you have anything lined up that you’re looking forward to doing, or that you’d like to do?
Yeah, I always want to be looking ahead. I’m starting a new project in January. For me, it’s about finding the stories that you enjoy and want to tell. I know immediately when I read something if I really respond to it instinctively and it seems like the right thing. That’s what I want to do. I want to be a part of good stories, intriguing characters and work with positive people.


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RadioShropshire: Interview with Colin

Colin was interviewed by avid Merlin fangirl Vicki Archer for BBC Radio Shropshire’s Adam Green and Vicki Archer show. First part of the vid is the actual interview, the second part a conversation Vicki had with Adam Green stand-in/co-moderator James Bond about Colin/Merlin at the beginning of the show much earlier.

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Colin Morgan, Northern Ireland’s Bright Star, By Alison Jane Reid 


AJR’s new interview with Colin.

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Q: Where is Arthur’s relationship with Merlin at the moment?

A: Throughout the show, that relationship has been something that has worked really well. The fans have really responded to it, and in turn the producers have built it up – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why do people love that relationship so much? I think that if you have someone in your life with whom you really get on and with whom you go through a series of quite extreme events, you truly bond with that person. Viewers watch it and think, “I’d like to have a friend like that”.

Q: Can you expand on that, please?

A: In Merlin, Arthur has a very loyal friend who keeps him on his toes. Arthur enjoys those challenges, and there is a lot of great banter between them. Meanwhile, in Arthur, Merlin has a friend he can really rely on. Merlin knows that when it comes the crunch Arthur will always do the right thing. Arthur is a great man to have by your side in a crisis. They also have a great rapport and enjoy each other’s company – despite not admitting that! The fact that Arthur always brings Merlin along on the most dangerous missions without any chainmail shows how much he needs him. Merlin never says, “Shouldn’t I be wearing armour? I’m completely ill-prepared for this mission.” He just accepts it, as he has been doing it for years. People really identify with their relationship. They think, “If I had someone like that in my life, I’d be very happy indeed.”

Bradley James continues to be awesome in the interviews. (x)

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Geek Syndicate spent the day with the cast and crew of Merlin and had the chance to talk with series leads Bradley James (King Arthur) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) in-between filming Series 5. Merlin returns to BBC1 on Saturday, Oct 6th at 7:45PM.

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Merlin in magazines. *SPOILERS*

Bigger scans: [x][x][x][x][x][x]

Also, larger scans of the Radio Times article: [x][x][x][x]

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Rupert Young & Eoin Macken interview with Geek Syndicate.

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