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Merlin AU: When another innocent man is slaughtered at the hands of dark magic, Inspector Pendragon is not amused to find that the new detective he’s been assigned with for this case is none other than a sorcerer himself. 

Once we’ve solved this case, you’ll see not all sorcerers are bad.
A bit like you, then, Merlin?

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@MerlinOfficial: Merlin, meet Merlin and Merlin! ‪#Merlin‬ ‪#SDCC‬
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THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME  [3/5] ’we could’ve had it all’ ships

             merlin & freya (merlin)

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Tom Hardy and Colin Morgan on the set of Legend in East London | 18 July 2014 

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Colin Morgan seriously has the hair of a Disney Prince in Testament of Youth, so I couldn’t help but try my hand at “Disney-fying” him! Sorta.

I shan’t have much free time for a while, but I plan to do more quick renditions like this - based on those gorgeous candid photos of him on set! It’s a fun exercise, and I’d love to end up with a decent character expression sheet (á la Flynn).  

Oh, hey, let me know if there’s a particular shot you like of him (as Victor Richardson) and I might give it a go! This post will be updated as I complete these requests, so please CHECK HERE for new additions! :3

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